Brief History

In over 50 years of activity we have gained a lot of experience and we are able to easily adapt to the requirements of a versatile industry, such as the automotive industry

1948 – 1959

The history of Turdeana began in 1948, when it was founded as a tinsmith and knife production workshop, with 12 workers. In 1949 it changed its name into “Turdeana Handicraft Production Co-operative”. Surrounded by the big factories from the industrial platform, Turdeana tried out several objects of activity, but the main object remained metallurgy.

1959 – 1990

In 1959 this unit changes its name into “Turdeana Local Industry Unit”, and in 1979, based on Decree no. 259/1979, Turdeana is transformed into the “Turdeana Automobile Accessories and Spare Parts Factory” (“F.A.P.S. “Turdeana”), subordinated to the Piteşti-Colibaşi Automobile Plant, in order to serve the production of Dacia, Oltcit and Aro automobiles.

In this period, besides the production of the parts used in the automobile factories, Turdeana also produced various pressed parts, wire parts, automobile spare parts, products for the electro-technical industry, products for constructions, products for the wood industry and spare parts for agricultural machinery.

The F.A.P.S. Turdeana form of organization is maintained until 1990, when it is changed into “Automotives and Auto Accessories Unit”, and undergoes the privatization process, according to the Government Decision no. 1213/20 December 1990.

2000 – 2011

As of 2000, the Turdeana company is fully privatized and taken over by Popa family that is directly involved in the continuous development of the company.

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In May 2015 a laser cutting machine BystronicBystar 2512 have been purchased. The maximum size of the metal sheet that can be used  is 1250mm x 2500mm with the thickness of up to 12mm.


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