Our activities are based upon the values we share


We have a flexible and proactive attitude directly influenced by the changes and needs of our partners.


The processes and systems we use are designed to offer clients the opportunity to get directly involved in the development and production of the assemblies they need. Thus, the desired result is obtained and clients are also given the possibility of monitoring the production costs of their products.


We have a quality oriented culture, and each member of our team is oriented towards maintaining a high standard in this respect, through self-control methods, which are a part of the basis for quality assurance at Turdeana.


Since the management of the company is done by a family, we also promote this climate based on flexibility, respect, honesty, communication and responsibility at team level, by developing the feeling of belonging to the family, at all hierarchical levels.

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In May 2015 a laser cutting machine BystronicBystar 2512 have been purchased. The maximum size of the metal sheet that can be used  is 1250mm x 2500mm with the thickness of up to 12mm.


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